CustQuote – NMB

KOM was receptive to our input and created tools to help us script some of our file management and retention enforcement tasks.

CustQuote – Experian

KOMpliance allows us to meet our PCI DSS requirements and has integrated better into our Windows environment.

CustQuote – Centra

I stake my job on the protection of our data. From an IT management point of view this is an easy, straight-forward, set it and forget it secure solution. It’s what every IT manager is looking for to secure their stored data.

CustQuote – York

Our new iSCSI SAN and KOMpliance i-Gateway provide tamper-proof WORM protection for the data. We calculated that this approach, over a three year period, would save us around $230,000 switching from the Centera solution.

CustQuote – Angel

KOMpliance provides us with functionality that wasn’t available before. We no longer have to worry about meeting different regulatory requirements for different types of studies or patients.